Online Amendment of Registration

  1. Login using Userid and Password as used during any e-service login such as e-filing of VAT return.
  2. Choose the Amendment link for eRegistration Amendment.
  3. Fill up the Online Amendment form
  4. The lower section shows already recorded data.
  5. Enter data and click on ADD button to add new transaction.
  6. Select any existing row and click on EDIT/DELETE to modify/delete the exixting records respectively.
  7. After Submitting all details click on ' I declare that the information given above is correct & complete.'
  8. Enter Applicant's Name & Select Status and click 'Submit' button.
  9. Acknowledgement Slip will be displayed for taking Print.
  10. Click 'Print Acknowledgement' to print Acknowledgement Slip
  11. Click 'Print Application For Amendment' to print Application Slip
  12. Acknowledgment of eRegistration Amendment will be displayed for taking print.
  13. Signed copy of the Acknowledgment to be submitted at Charge office printed in the Acknowledgement Slip.
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 *Password :