Instruction for e-Filing of CST Return:
1. Login using Userid and Password as used during VAT Return.
2. Download Zip File and Save.
3. Logout.
4. Unzip to get a PDF form and a folder containing a JAR file.
a.  CSTForm1.jar, CSTAnnexure.jar
b.  JAR files in CSTReturn folder
c.  User Manual
5. Fill up Main Form and click 'Save' button to check entered Data.
6. If all data is correctly enter ,check the declaration in the bottom panel and click 'Save' button.System will check the enteries and create XML files and save in the selected folder.
7. Open the JAR file for Annexure and click on Annexure option to choose Annexure type viz. A,B,C,D,E,F,G & SR (SALE RETURN).saved XML)
8. Fill up the form and click ' Export to XML ' to check entered data to  create XML file and save the XML file with Annexure type as extention to file name e.g CST_ERETURN_ANNX_A.xml, for  Annexure A.
8(a). If any new line needs to be entered then click 'Add Row' and insert new row.
9. If Any Annexure is not applicable , then enter return period and Registration No. Then click 'Export to XML' button to create XML file.
10. Login again using Userid and Password.
11. Upload all the 10 XML Files-one Main file and nine Annexure files.
12. Print Acknoledgement Receipt.
13. After submission of printed copy of CST eReturn, enter the date of submission of the printed copy after clicking link 'Declare date of submission of print copy of Return'.
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