Please Download java application to fill up invoice details(New Version(e-Gov ver 1.0.1)) before submit.
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Instruction of Generation of waybill

1. Applicant will download small zip file of a java application(jar file) for entry of invoice details (even if its not for sale)
  a. Applicant will extract zip file and open the folder ‘WaybillformUnreg’ and double click ‘WaybillFormUnreg’ (Executable jar file). In the jar

       i. Select Commodity

      ii. Enter Invoice No. and date

      iii. Enter Quantity and Select Unit

      iv. Enter No. of packages

      v. Enter Value of goods

   b. Click at ‘I declare…’

  c. Click ‘Export to xml’ button and save the xml file in a folder with a name.’

2. Enter Name, Address, Email, Mobile No. and PAN/TAN no of the Applicant.

3. Access Id will be displayed (for use of Directorate)

4. Enter the Code below Access key (colored and in block) and click Submit button

5. Application Form for Waybill has to be filled up. Applicant will enter the following

      a. Consignee Name and Address, PAN

     b. Consignor Name and Address , PAN and GST No. (if Registered)

      c. Vehicle No.

     d. Name and Address of the Transporter

      e. Consignment Note No. and Consignment Date

     f. Enter Total No. of Invoices as given in the Invoice details jar

      g. Enter Value of goods as given in the invoice details jar

      h. Select entry district into West Bengal

6. Upload scanned copies of the following

     a. Invoice Documents

     b. Consignment Note Documents

7. Submit the Application by clicking at ‘Submit’ button

8. A copy of the Application with Application No, will be generated.

9. Print copy of the Application may be taken for reference of Application No.

10. Application will be processed at Directorate of Commercial Taxes

11. Applicant will be get an email

     a. If Accepted – Waybill Key no. will be send by email

      b. If Hold – To Pay additional security. Applicant will pay additional security and submit it through portal.

12. If Accepted and Applicant gets an email will Waybill Key No., Applicant will enter the portal (ref. no. 2,3,4) and click ‘Generate Dematerialised Waybill (Un-Registered)’

13. Enter Waybill Application No. and Waybill Key No. as received by email and click ‘Get transporter details’

14. A page will be appear where you have to insert the transporter details and consignment No. and date.

15. After fillup all the information click the submit button.

16. Next a page will be appear where your application No. and key no. will be appear once again.Now click the button to generate waybill.

17. Waybill will be generated in pdf format. Applicant will take a print copy of Waybill.