Instruction for eFilling of Entry Tax Return

1. Login using Userid and Password.

2. Download zip file and Save it.

3. Logout.

4. Unzip the Downloaded file to get
I. A Folder containing the Jar File.
II. A Folder containing XLS File.
III. User Manual.

5. Open the Jar File and Fill up the Form.Then Click the 'Save' Button to save it. If all the data entered correctly then the form will generate a XML file which is ready to Upload. Save it in the selected folder.

6. Import data from xls using 'XLS' button.To import data from xls file please use the provided xls format.

7. Print the entire form using the 'Print' button.

8. Login again using userid and password.

9. Upload the generated XML file.

10. If the XML file is uploaded successfully the the system will generate an Acknowledgment Slip.

11. Print the Acknowledgment slip(both pages(page 1 and page 2)).

12. Logout.
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