Sat 01.10.2022 at 11:10:43 AM
Instruction for e-Filing of VAT Return:
1. Enter User id and Password.
2. Change Password if Login for the first time.
3. Download any of Form 14, 14D, 15,15R and Save as per requirement.
4. Logout.
5. Unzip downloaded file to get:
  For Form 14 For Form 14D For Form 15 For Form 15R
> Form 14 JAR
(Annexure Included)
Form 14D JAR
(Annexure Included)
Form 15 JAR Form 15R JAR
6. Return data can be entered using the JAR version of Form listed at the first row
7. To enter all annexure data use the same JAR Version of respective Forms
8. Fill up all Forms and click 'Save' button to save and check entered Data. If declaration is not checked then the form will be saved partially without any checking.(User cannot upload the partially saved XML)
9. Check the declaration check box to save the data ready for upload. User will be prompted if any error occurs.
10. Login again using User id and Password.
11. Upload XML Files.
12. Print Acknowledgement Receipt.
13. Login for User Manual.
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