Instructions for viewing the requisition and printing the declaration form

  1. Login using Userid and Password as used during any e-service login such as e-filing of VAT return
  2. Select ‘e-Requisition for Central Declaration Forms’.
  3. Select the Return Period and Form Type to view Annexure submitted with the selected CST Return.
  4. Select Quarter Month Ending to view invoices falling in that quarter which have been submitted in Annexure submitted with the selected CST Return.
  5. Click ‘View Requisition’ button to check e-requisition for that quarter.
  6. Click ‘Confirm’ if e-requisition is found to be correct. Else file revised return for that quarter with modified Annexure data.
  7. Electronic forms can be generated only if dealer confirms for all types of forms and for all quarter month ending for a particular return quarter.
  8. Select ‘e-generation for Central Declaration Forms’ to generate forms. If forms are generated, dealer can not file revised return and no new forms can be generated.
  9. Select Form Type, Return Period and Quarter Month Ending to generate forms for the e-requisition confirmed for that quarter.
  10. Forms can be viewed on the screen by clicking ‘View Form’ and ‘View Annexure’
  11. Print can be taken after form is viewed on the screen or at a later time.
  12. Select ‘Download and print computer generated forms’ to print the forms.
  13. Select Form Type and system generated Form Serial No.
  14. View and Print the forms.
  15. Further copies of computer generated forms can be printed at a later date.
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Conditions for availing the service
  1. E-Filing of VAT and CST return for the current and previous quarter.
  2. Full payment of tax, interest and late fee.
  3. Generation of forms within the specified period.